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Change — when we most need it.

We're living in hard times.

Common sense is once again under attack by the right. Every day, the GOP blurs the lines between conservatism and fascism, shifting political discourse ever so further right. Their means are subversive, they hate democratic principles, and they can only win by suppressing the vote.

When the old way of doing things just isn't enough, we need a new approach.

America was founded on the values of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness — values forever enshrined in our Declaration of Independence from the subversive, dictatorial, and antidemocratic British Empire.

Now is the time for a new independence from this empire of originalists.

Today, corporate interests control our public institutions, and corruption among public officials is rampant. It seems like scandal and tragedy are the new norm, but meaningful change fails to come.

The 2008 scandal in Cuyahoga County and the recent FirstEnergy bribery scandal are just two of countless examples of criminal activity within our government. Ohio governments thrive upon a culture of corruption.

Even at the best of times, our public officials are little more than mouthpieces for corporate interests, speaking of change but failing to act. When they finally do act, they stumble and fall like newborns in suits.

We dream of a new Ohio, open to all, and a new left, leading from the roots.

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We believe in restoring common sense to NEO.

For too long, the fat cats in Columbus have had their way of things, starving our infrastructure and education to swell corporate profits and build a post-Jim Crow society in the north. Cleveland was once the richest city in the world, but now is only ranked highly in blue-collar crimes, and even human trafficking. How could the pinnacle of American society fall so quickly? All because of poor governance, Ohio is now infamous for Reed v. Rhodes (school segregation), Terry v. Ohio (stop and frisk), and Obergefell v. Hodges (gay marriage). And what is Cuyahoga know for? A river that repeatedly caught on fire. What have we become?

Our focus is on nuts-and-bolts political change.

The time for reform has long passed us. What we need now is change, without compromise. And while change at the state level would accomplish our agenda for each and every Ohioan, state politics have become far too saturated by interest groups and bribes for grassroots movements to have any impact, let alone success. Our focus, then, is on the nuts-and-bolts, administrative things, the kinds of policies and decision-making that might go unnoticed by most but are the source of countless, everyday injustices. By electing community leaders—not simply politicians—and building a grassroots coalition within our political parties, we believe we can reform the institution and build for ourselves a better, fairer, more equitable, and more just society for us and our posterity.

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City and County Council

All politics is local, and our approach is no different. The most effective way to change everyday life is to reform the systems that govern everyday life.Issues we care about include:

  • Accessible support services

  • Anti-corruption & ethical conduct

  • Government-owned enterprises

  • Justice, police, & rehabilitation

  • Modern, effective government

  • Regional & multi-city IGOs

Boards of Education

The bedrock of any functioning democracy is an educated and proactive citizenry. Real change must be reinforced by public education.Things we'd like to do include:

  • Actually desegregating schools

  • Adopting evidence-based curricula

  • Establishing community oversight

  • Expanding out-of-school activities

  • Increasing faculty representation

  • Removing and replacing DARE

Ohio State Government

At the end of the day, our way of life and what makes Ohio unique is subservient to the actions of our state. That's why it as well must change.Change we'd like to see includes:

  • Commonsense gun control

  • Digital privacy protections

  • Expanded public sector unions

  • Modernized government services

  • Recognition for gay marriage

  • Safeguarding for abortion access 11/7/23

Agitating for change.

Large-scale change requires large-scale activism. Winning the hearts and minds of the people is central to success in any venture, let alone politics and the society in which we live. Reawakening a leftist spirit in our politics is mission critical.

Political messaging has been forever changed by the advent of social media, and with every new platform comes an opportunity to meet a new audience. Follow us on our favorite platforms and help us effect the change we need.

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